Updated: Oct 20, 2021

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There's no debate about the Force Gurkha being a great off-roader when it comes to showing the capabilities since day one. The 4x4 was however never the first choice of the many off-road enthusiasts.

This is an all new from ground Gurkha, from the previous tubular frame chassis to C ladder frame chassis. However the wheelbase remains the same at 2400mm. Like the previous generation this too is ultimately inspired by the Mercedes G Wagon and retains the silhouette with the snorkel and rear door mounted spare wheel. But having slightly different dimensions, the 2021 Force Gurkha has now gotten 5mm wider at the front and 4mm at the rear, Force Gurkha is now 124mm longer in length and 8mm narrower in width than the previous out going Gurkha.

Hood Mounted Indicators and changed braking lights from horizontal to vertical. And LED DRLs with face identical to the G Wagon. With the high snorkel the vehicle has amazing water wading capacity of 700mm. The vehicle's open bumper and functional bash plate are some other features that are factory fitted.

While the looks outside are impressive the interior lacks a little from the world. With Android and Apple Car Play it has the modern tech with old school styling. The Gurkha also gets 4 captain seats as standard given the passengers great comfort. The floor of the vehicle also gets a great touch for being rugged and easily washable.

What has changed on the sides is that now the vehicle has a large fixed glass replacing the two side panels in the outgone version. The machine looks very unique and distinctive in appeal from outside and there's no doubt that no one will recognise it as a G Wagon once from far and sure can turn the heads around for a glance.

The Gurkha can also take steep angles of 35 Degree with ease with it's 4x4x4 system, that's some extreme gradient for any machine. Adding to Gurkha's short turn radius of 5.65 mts which allows extreme manoeuvrability and lowest in it's class of machines. The large window area panoramic side view for the passengers and wider windscreen ensures all round visibility to the driver and great sense of surroundings when going off-road.

The machine not only does good on the outside but on the inside at the heart is also inspired from the Mercedes. A Mercedes derived common rail 2.6L engine with 95Nm of torque available from the lower end itself.

Jumping inside will give you a very old feel towards the dashboard. But does the interior matter when you go off-roads? The engine insulation is done very well so the cabin is quite and well tuned engine giving away lesser vibrations compared to previous model.

However, having an old feel towards the dash can set you back a little. As promising it feels outside its visa-versa on the inside. The plastic feels low quality. Something like a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) as a standard fitting. Infotainment system is a unit from Kenwood as much as we have tested it feels decent but the look and feel of the same is something which feels aftermarket.

On safety and security front, based on the BSVI (Bharat Stage 6) all vehicles are required to have a ABS and AirBag system as standard. Which is taken care by here. While this would sound normal to you, this machine also has a speed sensing auto door locking system.

Force Motors also offers a set of accessories like; WindShield Bar, Roof Carrier, Roof Rails, Rear Ladder, Tail Lamp grill, Alloy Wheel with all terrain tyres, Rear Chile Seats

The Force Motors Gurkha is a class apart and a different kind all together. We can not compare it to Mahindra Thar cause they are two different categories now. The Mahindra Thar is now moving towards more luxury and styling with a very aggressive marketing strategies and brand placement among the young crowd.

Will the Force Motors improve it's marketing strategies for this product? Only time will tell us that. The Gurkha is undoubtable a great off-road machine, with now being more practical and everyday use.

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Alright let's start with expectation on this one. Yamaha has been very notorious when it comes to new bikes and their launches in Indian Markets. The Yamaha R7 successor to the R6. Question remains will India get it or not. If it does at what Price. Expectations would be for it to compete wit the sports tourers in the same class like the Ninja 650. Let's Understand how.

R6 is one of the most loved middle weight super sport of Yamaha an in-line 4 CrossPlane motor producing 118bhp with 61.7nm of torque and weighing around 190kilos. Ok why that information you must be wondering since it's a R7 blog and not a R6 blog. Let me justify it.

The R6 is undoubtedly a very beautiful and powerful bike in the middle weight segment. The problem is the dropping sales numbers. Due to which the Yamaha Motors decided to pull the plug on this bike and think of a alternative solution to this. The company had to make a specific engine only for one bike alone and the numbers for the same was dropping. Yamaha says that the company will no longer produce the R6 2020 onwards. Which means no more R6 here on wards. How to bridging the gap created by the absence of a middle weight sports bike? Yamaha sells a Twin cylinder 700cc motor on the other models such as Tenere, Tracer, FZ and the MT series. Adopting a similar practice done by Kawasaki for almost every bike they have. Same engine with power tweaks, different ergonomics for different styles of riding. One engine multiple ways to use it. Yes, you guess it right the R7 is nothing but an MT07 with a fairing.

Specs -

Engine - 689cc Liquid Cool 2 Cylinder

Power - 73.4 PS with 67Nm Toque

Weight - 188Kilos

Sounds familiar right, It's the same as the MT07. What else can you expect from it a slip and assist clutch and a QuickShifter for upshifting only which can be bought separately. Apart from that you also get USD forks with radially mounted twin 298mm disc in front and 245mm at the rear. The suspension setup can be tuned and is not electronic. Talking about electronics, it has similar to it's rival the ABS which dual channel of course. The bike gets a similar treatment for the instrument cluster as the R1. The signature DRLs reminding you of the R6 and follows the same R-badged design language. The design is fresh and completely new. The Twin LED DRLs are sharp and aggressive looking give the bike a completely sportier feel. The unique bit of the design which can be a stand-off from the other R-Badges is the Pod headlight similar to is sibling the MT07 mounted on the R1 inspired air intakes which quite unusual for the R-Lineup from Yamaha. The tail section features a high split seat with aerodynamic spoilers. Ok so that's what the bike offers so far. What does it mean? Well you can become a street Rossi after all. It's Team Blue! Slap a 46 Sticker on it with and an aftermarket exhaust and it's the racing formula. But wait it's not that easy of a job is it? Yamaha has be very kind to us Indian Buyers by teasing us with showing the bikes on the world stage and taking years to bring to the Indian market. Apart from that team blue has some amazing machines and there's surely no doubt about it. The bikes which are imported carry a heavy price tag. The bike needs to compete with the upcoming Aprillia RS660, Ninja 650, Honda 650r. This is a small article on the bike. More about it

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What is the formula for flight have you ever wondered? Don't wonder, the formula now is on sale in India..! Well Ducati Streetfighter V4 just made its debut! From a poster bike to super powerful hyper-sport naked with all the bells and whistles of her older sibling the Panigale V4.

As the company advertises it

The company offers 2 models

Streetfighter V4 208bhp - Rs.19L onwards Streetfighter V4s 210bhp - Rs 21.99L onwards

I would not say that it's not at all impressive, but it's a siren for trouble. A 1100cc engine in a naked bike! I bet you can imagine the wind blast you gonna get on this. lets not forget that with that power you have only 199 Kilos of weight combine that with 123Nm of torque ! Thats a wheelie machine which is ready to fly at your command. And if you can't tame her she'll fly away without you on it.! Jokes apart this is a super powerful engine with insanely crazy power to weight ratio.

If you feel that this is still less for you. Slap on a Akraprovic Exhaust further reducing the weight by 6 Kilos and increases 10 more horses bringing a total of 220bhp.

Alright then let's understand what's new on the bike here.


  • Winglets - The winglets are basically designed for this bike to create that extra downforce while accelerating and not flying away. Ducati claims to have achieved in about 28kilos of downforce from these winglets. These winglets not only allows downforce but also stability at corners as Ducati says. In addition to that the winglets will also allow the bike to wheelie less on it's own.

  • Electronics - So they have added the electronics package from their MotoGp Bikes. Lets list them down shall we.

  • Cornering ABS

  • Traction Control

  • Slide Control

  • Wheelie Control

  • Launch Control

  • Engine Braking

  • Electronic Suspensions

  • Riding Modes

  • TFT Coloured Display with 2 Layouts

Sounds pretty common right? But Ducati did go a notch on a few things here. The 6 Axis IMU which instantly detects the bike's roll, yaw and pitch angles. This device allows the bike to know its position from ground and make changes accordingly to the bike. From overseeing the rider and casting a safety net at the start line for maximum acceleration to braking and keeping those wheelies on the ground to dragging knees and elbows around the corner without sliding and washing away and shooting out of the corner.

  • Suspension - This Ducati is equipped with two suspension setups different for each model

  • Showa Big Piston Forks (BPF) with Sachs Steering Damper and Sachs Shock Absorber. This is the setup you'll get with the V4 which is spring pre-load adjust for compression and rebound. The rear is fully adjustable Shock absorber with one side attached to the engine via forged aluminium bracket.

  • Ohlins NIX-30 fork with Ohlins event-based Damper and Ohlins TTX36 rear shocks. The Ohlins on the other hand are electronically adjusted on the fly based on the inputs received from the proprietary smart system which improves the feedback on the front and gives better grip. The system only adjusts the sampling when it feels it necessary. On the other hand the rider can decide the level of interference he/she wants of the system.

  • Fairing - Wait what is that, we don't do that here. The sharp design and exposed Ducati Desmosedici Stradale Engine with the Dry Clutch and the aggressive and thrilling design. Engineered with technology packed inside is nothing but a Straight of the Art.

  • Brakes - Ducati has done a great job adding the Brembo Systems to this bike. Well the bike is extremely powerful and requires even more powerful leash to hold those horses on ground and calm them. The bike is fitted with Brembo Monobloc Calipers and their best M50 performance callipers. That's alone not enough to stop this beast of a machine. So they added two callipers with each having 30mm pistons to work with two 330mm Discs at the front. At the rear the system incorporates a 245mm Disc with 2 piston calliper. All this supported. by the Cornering ABS System. The system also has new pump design which allows the rider to do less maintenance on the brake lines to remove the air in the circuit.

  • Wheels For India the bike is introduced with Perrelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 2 which is a multi compound tire suitable for street use and tracks but not hard core track-days. It is first from Perrelli which is a multi-compound tyre, enabling the performance from racetracks to the streets for the big bikes.

If you wanna live with a super model like this one it's not going to be that easy. Ducati is considered on the expensive side when it comes to service cost. Apart from that you'll have extreme attention on the road as there will everyone literally everyone to look at your beautiful new girl causing some irritation to you as they come close to snap pictures with her. Talking about irritation, the bike is V4 that means a 4 cylinder bike which also means that she's gonna be super super hot for you at times. But come on, Super model super hot that does go along with each other right. Am sure you'll find a solution to deal with and keep your cool and not get burned or she decided to dump you and fly away if you mishandle her. Talking about girl, what's your favourite memory with her. Drop it down in the comments below and let me know what you wanna hear from me next. Stay tuned for more tech updates and breakdowns of what parts of a motorcycle means what and how they've evolved over time. Until next time.

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