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As we all know Harley Davidson as a leading cruiser bike manufacturer. They have just launched an Off-road / adventure bike to the world -


The brand newly introduced the adventure model to the world designed to look like a tank in the class. This design directly in segment of Duke 1290 Adv and BMW GS1250 Adv bikes. With it's 1250cc powertrain, a dual purpose powertrain for the next generation of bikes the all new Revolution Max engine. The legendary V-Twin engines by the company now produces 150 Horses, a Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) with independent Variable Valve Timing (VVT) which helps in improve the torque management. That's something your sports bike and other high performance engines does to give you maximum power when needed while accelerating. You think they stopped there with the engine? With this they have added hydraulically adjusted valve. How does it help, you may ask? It simply reduces the maintenance on the valves and which means less time and money spend in the service stations.


The PAN AMERICA is designed to maintain high-speed ride and handling performance even when at the limit of it's luggage a weight capacity. The engineers have not only crafted the iconic brand an off-road bike but also carry forwarded the legacy. Vehicle is packed with great features; Tubeless Wheels, TFT coloured screen, preload adjustment, electronics package. Well that's pretty common now a days and offered by the basic entry level adventure bikes like Duke 390 Adv etc. What's not common is the smart features which the Harley Davidson Pan America is equipped with. Let's start with the comfort

PAN AMERICA can sense the weight of the rider, passenger and luggage and adjust the suspensions to optimise the ride by automatically adjusting the preload in the rear suspension unit. It doesn't stop there! Talking about stopping the HARLEY DAVIDSON PAN AMERICA can automatically lower the bike a few inches when you are about to stop at a signal to make the rider more comfortable to anchor the feet down on the ground and take the glorious stance with the bike. Once the rider starts to move the bike again automatically raises the bike to it's previous height.

The motorcycle has Semi-Active suspension system connected to a six axis IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit) to assist it. This system reacts to the speed, roll angle, throttle, brake inputs, lean angles. These adjustments allows the rider to maintain traction and control over any terrain and rough roads. Aluminum Skid Plate, Brush Guards, adjustable brake pedal and steering damper is among some more additional features of this motorcycle.

The suspension has a travel of 7.48 inches (190mm) the unit is SHOWA BALANCE FREE FOLKS (BFF) Front and a BALANCE FREE REAR CUSHION-LITE (BFRC) coil-over rear shock with electronic preload control and semi-active damping. This system can react to and adjust to terrains using the Six Axis IMU. Giving the rider full control over the system with 3 programmable modes and 5 pre programmed modes; Comfort, Balanced, Sport, Off-Road Soft, Off-Road Firm.

HARLEY DAVIDSON's PAN AMERICA also have the now commonly trending TFT display which is 6.8 inches in size with the latest technology in it. Bluetooth connectivity, moving map navigation all being build into one single unit. The bike also comes with adaptive headlights which uses the ABS IMU to determine the lean

angle of the bike and automatically illuminate the areas of the road into the corners. In simple words it is cornering lamps however the lights gets turned on in sequence based on the lean angle 8, 15 and 23 degrees this basically means it'll illuminate more when you lean more providing optimum vision to the rider. The lights also change the brightness gradually. So keeping the lamps on is gonna be more like the automatic brightness on your mobile screen, adapting to your environment changing the the brightness when in dark and when outside in sun. Harley Davidson calls this system the ADVANCED DAYMAKER - ADAPTIVE HEADLAMP. Well that's just American Things.

Price Start at Base Model (STD) - Rs. 16.9L Special - Rs. 19.9L Both will be available later this year. Technical Specifications Engine - Revolution Max 1250

Power - 150HP / 112kW @ 9000rpm

Drivetrain - Chain Driven

But did you know that Harley Davidson made were off-road motorcycles even before they cruised on the roads?

People might be thinking that Harley Davidson introduced the Pan America and now is the wrong time and that they are in a race which was started decades ago. Apparently was kind of the people who started the race, as they claim.

Let's understand this how a cruiser bike manufacturer had an off road motorcycle.

In the end of 19th century there were no roads basically to ride or other way there were no motorcycles as such of a culture of horses and horse-cart was more famous. Reason being that there were no roads as it was mere trails designed for horses no tarmac just sand. If we look back in history Harley Davidson basically were the biggest competition to these horsebacks and horse-carts. Moving forward the Harley Davidson Motorcycles have always proved their mettle, which is part of them and their legacy, the very DNA which creates the Harley Davidson.

Imagine the pain these guys had in those days to maintain the horses by feeding them cleaning them taking them for the walks and the medical and other care and after that the wagons and carts which required additional maintenance. Harley Davidson used similar lines to market themselves as a alternative to the horses and the cars back then.

The concept of trail riding comes from the trails which people took back in the days on their horses. The cars / automobiles back then required two trails as to a motorcycle which could get away with one. They marketed themselves as a transport which can take you anywhere and in any terrain when compared to their rivals in those days and that idea actually worked. People from around the world shared pictures of themselves with the motorcycles in very remote and beautiful locations where some might now take horses or other automobile of that time. A true motorcycle that could conquer any terrain given. From winning hill climbing events to flat tracks, Harley's have come a long long way. There was a time when they were unbeatable in the woods off-road winning all championships and events. They even won many endurance races including BAJA and many more events which lead them to be even more popular amongst groups and a lot of different clubs and have quite a reputation and respect in those days. One of this crazy story is about a awareness ride done on this bike for Tuberculosis. the man riding the bike had modified the bike such that he could camp with the bike where-ever we would like to stop.

In-fact they worked so well that the motorcycles had participated in the world war and were heavily modified to carry guys, ammunition and luggage racks. In place like warzone you don't want to be in a place were your vehicle is not working or some parts from it is flying away and reliable enough to take it anywhere if you had to escape or chase someone. The Harley Davidson proved its mettle in such tight spots and patches around the world.

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