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Alright let's start with expectation on this one. Yamaha has been very notorious when it comes to new bikes and their launches in Indian Markets. The Yamaha R7 successor to the R6. Question remains will India get it or not. If it does at what Price. Expectations would be for it to compete wit the sports tourers in the same class like the Ninja 650. Let's Understand how.

R6 is one of the most loved middle weight super sport of Yamaha an in-line 4 CrossPlane motor producing 118bhp with 61.7nm of torque and weighing around 190kilos. Ok why that information you must be wondering since it's a R7 blog and not a R6 blog. Let me justify it.

The R6 is undoubtedly a very beautiful and powerful bike in the middle weight segment. The problem is the dropping sales numbers. Due to which the Yamaha Motors decided to pull the plug on this bike and think of a alternative solution to this. The company had to make a specific engine only for one bike alone and the numbers for the same was dropping. Yamaha says that the company will no longer produce the R6 2020 onwards. Which means no more R6 here on wards. How to bridging the gap created by the absence of a middle weight sports bike? Yamaha sells a Twin cylinder 700cc motor on the other models such as Tenere, Tracer, FZ and the MT series. Adopting a similar practice done by Kawasaki for almost every bike they have. Same engine with power tweaks, different ergonomics for different styles of riding. One engine multiple ways to use it. Yes, you guess it right the R7 is nothing but an MT07 with a fairing.

Specs -

Engine - 689cc Liquid Cool 2 Cylinder

Power - 73.4 PS with 67Nm Toque

Weight - 188Kilos

Sounds familiar right, It's the same as the MT07. What else can you expect from it a slip and assist clutch and a QuickShifter for upshifting only which can be bought separately. Apart from that you also get USD forks with radially mounted twin 298mm disc in front and 245mm at the rear. The suspension setup can be tuned and is not electronic. Talking about electronics, it has similar to it's rival the ABS which dual channel of course. The bike gets a similar treatment for the instrument cluster as the R1. The signature DRLs reminding you of the R6 and follows the same R-badged design language. The design is fresh and completely new. The Twin LED DRLs are sharp and aggressive looking give the bike a completely sportier feel. The unique bit of the design which can be a stand-off from the other R-Badges is the Pod headlight similar to is sibling the MT07 mounted on the R1 inspired air intakes which quite unusual for the R-Lineup from Yamaha. The tail section features a high split seat with aerodynamic spoilers. Ok so that's what the bike offers so far. What does it mean? Well you can become a street Rossi after all. It's Team Blue! Slap a 46 Sticker on it with and an aftermarket exhaust and it's the racing formula. But wait it's not that easy of a job is it? Yamaha has be very kind to us Indian Buyers by teasing us with showing the bikes on the world stage and taking years to bring to the Indian market. Apart from that team blue has some amazing machines and there's surely no doubt about it. The bikes which are imported carry a heavy price tag. The bike needs to compete with the upcoming Aprillia RS660, Ninja 650, Honda 650r. This is a small article on the bike. More about it

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